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All Magnum Fabricating Ltd. Trailers include LED Lights, 2-Part Epoxy Coating, and all wiring is hidden inside the frame.

To meet our high standards, all Magnum Fabricating Ltd. Trailers include LED Lights, 2 - Part Epoxy Coating, and all wiring is hidden inside the frame.


Flat deck trailers, cargo trailers, custom trailers, and fuel trailers available.

Fuel Trailer Combos include a 500 Gallon Single Wall Tank, 2 5000 lb Axels, LED Lights, and all wiring is inside the frame. There are optional features to accompany our Trailer/Fuel Combos such as Tool Cabinets, Front Protector Panels, a 7000 lb Axel, and fuel tanks up to 1000 Gallons.


Complete your reliable Custom Trailer with useful accessories such as Cabinets, Custom Hitches, Front Protector Panels, and Axels.

Customize your Fuel Trailer Combo with Toolboxes, Cabinets, 5 - 10 K Axels, Hose Reels, Fuel Pumps, OEM, and a 500 - 1000 Gallon Tank. 

CLICK HERE to view a variety of Piston and Oil Pumps from Balcrank Fuel Dispensing Systems.

CLICK HERE to choose from a selection of Fill-Rite pumps, meters, and accessories.

Electric and Gas Pumps are also available.

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