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Magnum Fabricating Ltd. has years of experience manufacturing quality, heavy duty, welded product. International shipping available. Check out our variety of durable metal products.
Welder Welding Metal

Magnum proudly manufactures mobile fuel tanks that are Transport Canada Approved and UL Certified. View our Containment Tanks, Slip Tanks, L Tanks, Truck Bed T tanks, T.C. Double Wall, and T.C. Single Wall Tanks. View Tanks

Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM Supplier

Magnum Fabricating offers OEM solutions to suit your business needs.

View OEM Examples

1K Triple Fuel Tank with Skid

Suitable as a mining solution. ​Have plenty of fuel conveniently on hand in desolate areas.  View Pruduct

Custom Trailers

Magnum Fabricating proudly offers flatdeck trailers, cargo trailers, custom trailers, and fuel trailers.


Fuel Trailers include a 500 Gallon Single Wall Tank and two 5000 lb Axels. View Trailers

Oil and Gas Products Texas Gates and Well Fences

Texas Gates, Swing Gates, and Well Fences are proudly offered. Magnum's Well Fences are pinned together and have rounded corners. Our Texas Gates are strong enough to handle anything on wheels! View Fencing

Man Welding
Custom Fuel Cannons

Magnum Fabricating’s Fuel Cannons allow for maximum customization to ensure all your equipment needs are met. Get the most out of your Fuel Cannon and customize yours today.

View Fuel Cannons

Custom Welding_2

Check out our endless assortment of heavy duty metal products such as Bale Feeders, Silage Bunks, Hoppers, Swing Gates, Texas Gates, Truck Decks, Loading Chutes and more. View Agro Products

Fuel Pumps, Meters, Hose Reels

Magnum Fabricating Ltd. offers a variety of Piston Oil Pumps + Reels from Balcrank Fluid Dispensing Systems. Electric and Gas pumps also offered. Fill-Rite products available such as various pumps, meters, and accessories. View Pumps & Accessories

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