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Portable fuel tank ideal for shorter fuel runs.
Complete your new tank with a bench table and reel pulley.

Our acreage tanks hold 60 gallons and measure 48 inches long, 12 inches wide and 15 inches tall. This portable fuel tank is suitable for shorter fuel runs such as acreages. Acreage tanks arrive with lifting lugs, powder coating and bolt - downs so tank remains stationary. Complete your new slip tank with a bench table that has a convenient reel pulley.

Fill-Rite, and Balcrank Fuel Pumps available.


Pump Package, Bench Table, Reel Pulley, Hose Reels

CLICK HERE to view a variety of Piston and Oil Pumps from Balcrank Fuel Dispensing Systems.

CLICK HERE to choose from a selection of Fill-Rite pumps, meters, and accessories.

Electric and Gas Pumps are also available.

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